Posted by: truthinwords | June 24, 2009

My Individuality


I will never be the man that people want me to be
Please do not place your misguided expectations on me
Cuz you see, I will never allow myself to be
A puppet controlled by the powers of society

I will not let myself be tempted by the comparison game
My identity based on status or the title in my name
I do not care from which university you came
I will not get caught up in this lame struggle for fame

I’d rather choose to fight for my individuality
I’m uniquely and wonderfully make in God’s creativity
Societal pressures will never get the best of me
God’s approval is the only thing that defines my identity

How do I cope with the temptation and the pain?
Like any other fight, in spiritual discipline I must train
Have faith in the fact, in my place the Lord was slain
Alpha and Omega, in my life will you reign


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