Posted by: truthinwords | December 22, 2010

Hi… My Name is Dave

Waiting Patiently

The admiration of beauty from long distance
Is injustice to the heart, emotional disturbance
Cuz in that instance, when you eyes catch her glimpse
Internal turbulence is the story of my existence

The expression of love in its invisible state
Is torture to the soul, a twisted fate
Can’t compensate, her beauty you can’t duplicate
Butterflies it creates, accelerates the heart rate

My mind in chaos, but my spirit waits patiently
For that one chance, hope for opportunity
Maybe one day we’ll see, you and me in harmony
The story of we, real life serendipity

Until that moment comes, my feelings I will delay
Even when I see you, your beauty walking my way
I hope and I pray, somehow that I may
Stare into your eyes and say, “Been looking forward to this day.”

“Hi, my name is Dave.”

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