Posted by: truthinwords | January 31, 2011


Another old one I found that is not on this blog yet…..

A mask I fabricate, a façade I create
Cuz I know, no matter how hard you try, you can’t penetrate
Impermeable barrier I raise, can’t see through the haze
An identity not my own is the image I portray
A simple minded man, another member of the band
If that’s what you see, better get a vision plan
Don’t believe the lies, don’t look with your eyes
Listen to the heart before you choose to decide

Sarcasm is a weapon, words are my ammunition
To battle people breaking through my façade creation
I contrive and deceive my loved ones around me
Leave me alone, man, just let me be
Some bits of clarity, rise from the unconscious mind
A hole in my defense, tired from the daily grind
Few whispers of truth slip from my lips
Catch them while you can, don’t let them slip

Actions speak louder than words, so yall better listen
I’m a man of few words and that is the reason
My behavior contradicts this façade I’ve created
Led others to believe my whole life was consecrated
But deep beneath it all, my soul’s dark and mad twisted
Tainted by past wounds not yet reconciliated
So like the old saying goes, listen before you speak
Maybe you’ll understand what makes my heart beat

So please unbuckle that mask, let some air in
I know it’s going to hurt when the mask peels off your skin
But I know this to be true, and I think you do too
This is the first step in being the real you
Appearance is overrated, like a cassette is outdated
Your beauty comes from your true soul illuminated
So let your light shine whether you’re here or away
Cuz the true source of light is none other than Yahweh

Your deception and lies, all I hear are your cries
Cries for help from Him, whose faith you compromised
It’s all an illusion, your own chaos creation
It’s so thick, you got lost in your own confusion
I promise you this, speak in honesty and truth
God will set you free from the sins that hinder you
Words are instruments of love, tools to glorify Him
Just remember one thing, purity comes from within

So people, hear me, when I speak these words please
Be who you are, who God made you to be
If actions don’t express the convictions of the soul
Might as well be dead, buried in a hole
A life full of passion is your heaven sent mission
To love people around you, aka the great commission
So let motives of your actions be righteous intentions
One full of hope, peace and holy devotion

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