Posted by: truthinwords | June 15, 2009

I am Diseased…


What does it mean to be emo? Give me the proper definition

Is it a state of mental being or an internal sensation?

An untapped passion without a clear definition?

No, it’s the manifestation of an internal desperation

Where does it come from, from where does it initiate?

Without knowing the point of origin, all cures dissipate

Thoughts cannot formulate, in my confused mental state

All I can muster up are words of anger and hate.

Emo-itis is a disease running rampant within me

External appearance hides the agonizing reality

Don’t believe what you see, deceiving looks can be

Personal chaos is covered by outward vitality


The End for Now……..


Posted by: truthinwords | June 12, 2009

Paul Jisung Kim – One Step ’09

Just wanted to give him props because he’s been blessed with a talent and he uses it to bless others…


Posted by: truthinwords | June 11, 2009

The Man You Choose Not to See


This one is inspired by my friend’s story on a public bus… READ IT HERE

I can’t remember the last time I saw my daughter
I miss her smile and her sweet innocent laughter
My heart is petrified like a cow being led to slaughter
Cuz I just realized, I am the world’s worst father

My wife left me, all because I wasn’t rich
She couldn’t resist her need to scratch her shopping itch
Now she’s married again, to a business man named Mitch
Her self worth gone, now she’s her man’s little b!$@#

I headed off to war, to escape my current reality
Couldn’t deal with the pain of losing my whole family
Thought this would help discover my true self identity
Only to realize the nightmares it would create inside me

Survival of the fittest is the law of the land
Killed many men, with nothing but my bare hands
Their faces still haunt me, and guilty I stand
At the time I enjoyed it, a sick, murderous man

Society always rejects all those that it fears
Couldn’t even get my background check to clear
“You’re not suited for this job” is all that I hear
Acceptance is all I wanted, somewhere… anywhere….

And now here I am, standing on this street corner
With everything I own in this bag on my shoulder
Days and months go by and I just sit here and wonder
What happened to my life, and when is gonna be over?

No matter where I go, people pass by me constantly
I am certain I possess the power of invisibility
People and all of society has punished me unjustly
Hi. Hello. I’m The Man You Choose Not to See

Posted by: truthinwords | June 5, 2009

Personal Anthem

Personal Anthem

Deep rooted in the Korean masculine identity

Character defined by my stoic personality

Vulnerability is the enemy, the goal is prosperity

Failure to comply is the ultimate indignity

Insensitivity is my barrier to personal relativity

My worth measured by mental and financial ability

Emotional dependency, unspeakable atrocity

Deny the realization of my inner humanity

Society has placed on me a face I do not recognize

In the mirror I see a man, emotionally desensitized

But one things I realize, glimmers of hope are in my eyes

From the stereotypical ashes, the true self will rise

The color of my skin does not define who I become

Ethnic background will not determine my outcome

I will not succumb to the beat of the same racial drum

Personal discovery and self worth will be my new anthem

Posted by: truthinwords | June 4, 2009

This is just the beginning….

Let this be my inspiration for my emotional documentation

For the lyrical expresssion of my joys and frustrations

Overwhelming thoughts can consume ones mind

So I try to release the pressure with unspoken rhymnes

Words may look like just letters on the screen

But they’re a window to the soul, shedding light on your dreams

So let the light illuminate, and the thoughts to conjugate

Allow the words to culminate and to your soul, let it resonate

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